The maritime training center is located in Varna, a seaside town in Bulgaria, located in the palace of the Naval Academy. It was established in July 1974 to help personnel employed in the shipbuilding industry prepare for maritime administration examinations and over the years has become a source of comprehensive training for professional qualification.
All courses, developed in accordance with STCW as modified requirements, are approved by the Bulgarian Maritime Administration, which monitors the training and after successfully completing the course issues the respective certificates. Our courses are developed in accordance with the respective IMO model courses. The center makes significant investments in modern equipment and maintenance. The latest versions of Kongsberg's Bridge, Engine Room and Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator are in function. All three simulators are maintained in accordance with LTSSP and are licensed by DNV. Since March 2011 Bridge Simulator and Engine Room are integrated, which helps to improve the performance of the course.